Benefits of Pressure Cooking

With Tuffware Pressure cookers, cooking time can be reduced to as much as half the normal. Flavorful meals, tender meats, delicate fish and chicken are cooked to perfection in minutes. Foods such as legumes (lentils, dried peas and beans) can be cooked perfectly in nearly half the time. And, since food cooks faster in a pressure cooker, you save fuel, and therefore money.


To retain maximum nutrients while cooking, most experts recommend that you use as little water as possible. Pressure cooking helps in retaining the quality of the foods as it requires very little water. Vegetables remain crisp, the flavor wonderful, and the texture is restaurant-style making them look simply delicious. Meats are well cooked; they are juicy and moist. The superheated steam inside the pressure cooker retains the natural flavors, you may therefore use less salt.

Fast & Efficient

As mentioned earlier, the Tuffware pressure cooker cooks food faster as compared toregular cooking techniques. Faster cooking means less consumption of energy, therefore more money saved on fuel. Besides, pressure cooking does not release any oily residues, odors and splatters like stove-top pan cooking.


Modern day pressure cookers are 100% safe. The designs available today employ up to six valve and vent safety systems. Therefore, they do not explode and prevent accidents. The pressure release and gasket mechanism would allow excess pressure to vent (in case there is any). Tuffware stainless-steel pressure cooker is the safest, and requires very little maintenance; therefore promising to last you a lifetime.