Basic Product Information – Pressure Cookers

Pressure cooker is fully operational only with the lid closed. The cooking capacity inside a pressure cooker is mostly less than its total volume therefore never fill the pressure cooker over two-thirds its capacity. This will protect the steam vent from getting blocked thereby leaving ample space for steam to circulate inside. Certain foods, such as lentils and rice which tend to expand while cooking shouldn’t be loaded more than half of the cooker body. For maximum safety and excellent cooking results, go through the instruction manual completely before you start cooking with your Tuffware pressure cooker.

Let’s check out some Basic Product Information for Tuffware Pressure Cooker

Pressure Regulator: The pressure regulator is designed to maintain the cooking pressure of about 15 pounds per square inch (1 kg per square cm). It has to be placed on the steam vent and pressed firmly in the correct position. The pressure regulator has a spring mechanism which helps it hold on to the steam vent. The regulator is strong enough to stay in place even if the lid is inverted.

Sealing Ring: The lid is usually assembled with a detachable rubber sealing ring. You can remove it from the lid curl using a spoon or your fingers. Also, you can put it back easily by sliding the lid handle through the sealing ring pushing it down over the lid curl till it sits perfectly.

Pressure Indicator: Pressure Indicator rises above the lid when it is in full pressure, and drops automatically when the pressure inside goes down to zero, thereby indicating that it is safe to open the cooker.

Safety Valve: The safety valve is a device that opens and closes automatically to evade excess pressure inside the cooker. In case the excess steam is unable to escape or is blocked, the safety valve will operate. It will also operate if there is not enough water in the pressure cooker and the food is cooking dry, causing the temperature to intensify over the normal operating range.

Lid Long Handle: The lid handle is used to do away with the steam within the pressure cooker. The lid handle contains key components, essential for using the pressure cooker. The lid handle bar is attached to the lid in a specific way, so that there is enough space for movement. This helps in sealing the lid in a better way using the rim of the cooker body.