Pressure Cooker – Trial Run

Regardless of whether you have used a pressure cooker previously or not, you must take a trial run before cooking in your new Tuffware pressure cooker. Let’s take you through a step-by-step trial run in about 30 minutes.

Step 1

Remove label and wash the cooker. Take off any adhesive using baby or vegetable oil. Check the instruction manual, identify the parts, and put them together. Place the pressure regulator on the steam vent. Put on the sealing ring to the lid curl. Close and open the pressure cooker a couple of times to see if it sits perfectly every time.

Step 2

Pour 2 cups water in the cooker. Add 1 teaspoon lime juice or vinegar to avoid discoloration inside. This step is not recommended for hard anodized cookers.

Step 3

When the water boils, the steam should only be coming from the vent and not from the edges. Check the centralization of the lid, remove and reposition the lid in such cases. Do not try to touch the lid with bare hands when it’s hot, to avoid burns.

Step 4

Once the steam is coming out of the steam vent steadily, place the pressure regulator on the steam vent and press it. Keep your fingers away from the steam while placing the pressure regulator. The cooker should now obtain full operating pressure.

Step 5

After the pressure regulator is positioned on the steam vent, you’ll hear a low hissing sound of steam from the pressure regulator. The steam emission then operates on full force as the pressure regulator lifts itself making a whistling sound. The cooker is now at full operating pressure.

Step 6

Once the cooker reaches full operational pressure, reduce heat and start timing the recipe. With regular cooking, you’ll be able to make correct heat setting and adjustments, wherever required. If your cooker whistles very frequently, reduce the heat. In case it doesn’t or there is no steam coming out, increase the heat slowly.

Step 7

Once done, turn off the heat. Use a spoon to lift the regulator slightly to release steam. Do not remove the pressure regulator.

Step 8

Once the cooker cools down, empty the water. Wash and wipe the pressure cooker. Let it cool without closing the lid. Your pressure cooker is now ready for use.