Pressure Cooker – Care & Cleaning

For many of us, cleaning cookware isn’t our favourite job in the house. One way to deal with it is simply to start with the biggest and most difficult jobs first. Follow these top tips to ensure you keep your pressure cooker in great condition:

  • Do not store food in pressure cooker when not in use
  • Always wash the pressure cooker right after use. Wash off any food particles or sticky residues from the surface of the pressure cooker or it can cause metal corrosion over time
  • Warm water is recommended for cleaning
  • Do not wash the lid in a dishwasher
  • Keep the sealing ring fitted around the lid curl
  • Store the cooker open to avoid mouldiness
  • Allow the cooker and its parts to dry totally before storing
  • Before each use, see that the pressure indicator or safety valve isn’t damaged or distorted by any chance. Also, ensure that it fits well. In case you notice any damage, replace them before using your Tuffware pressure cooker again
  • After each use, release and clean the anti-clogging nut and the pressure regulator completely. See that the steam discharging tube and the anti-clogging nut are not blocked by any food particle
  • Check the safety valve after each use to ensure it is clean. Use hot water to clean it if required.
  • Clean the rubber gasket, after each use, with warm water. Put it back in the lid after washing.The rubber gasket usually lasts longer when you place the lid upside down over the pressure cooker after wash
  • Depending on how often you will be using your Tuffware pressure cooker, you must replace the rubber gasket, the sealing ring, and the 0-ring for the safety valve after a couple of years. In case of damage or deformation, replace them immediately
  • With use, the aluminium cooker body and lid tend to lose their shine. The loss of shine is normal for this metal over time without affecting its efficiency