1. Get reward points equal to the total purchase amount. Every Rupee Spent earns you 1 point.

2. Redemption: 10 Points = Rs.1/-

3. Discount Coupons can’t be used along with points.

4. Minimum cart total for redeeming points Rs.1000/-

5. All verified purchased (From our website only) reviewers get 250 loyalty points for reviewing products. Only 1 review per product is allowed.

6. Earn 500 for referring someone. Referee earns 500 points as well.

7. Referee should spend at-least Rs.1000/- for the referrer to receive the referral points.

8. Referrals can be made by generating a unique url in My Accounts Section. The url stays valid for 30 days as long as the referee does not clear the browser cookies.

9. Using the Online Payment Gateway earns you 250 points.

10. Every time you login to your Tuffware account, you earn 50 points.