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Multi Pan (Tope) Size 8 to 13 Without Lid

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Multi Pan Deal, Size 8 to 13 without lid.

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  • Hard anodized
  • Experience the joy of perfect cooking.
  • Use on medium and low fire only.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Hard surface permits use of steel spatula.
  • Does not peel, crack, pit or rust.
  • Non-reactive with food.
  • Non staining and non toxic.
  • Saves fuel, little oil.
  • Stronger than steel.

Care instruction:

  • Allow the pan to cool.
  • Do not put hot pan in cold water immediately after cooking.
  • Use with regular cleaning powder after use.
  • Use a sponge or nylon scoring pad if required.
  • Soak the pan in hot water before washing for easier cleaning.
  • Use metal spoons or spatula for stirring and turning.
  • Do not chop food with a knife or any other sharp object within the pan.
  • Do no hit or dig spatula into the cookware.
  • Excess heat and oil residue on cookware can tend to cause food to stick.
  • Proper cleaning of cookware will resist food sticking.
  • Make sure that the pan is completely clean before each use to avoid baked on straining.
  • Use mild detergent to clean the vessel.

Ideal for: Baking plum cakes, boiling milk, water etc…
Warranty: 24months

Note/Disclaimer: Warranty is only for The Hard Anodizing Coating, Spares and Accessories are not included under this warranty

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  1. munirakhuman

    i love this set as the best part is it is stackable and doesnt occupy more space in the cabinet,,,,, i have the complete set of 8-17 and have no other cooking pot other than TUFFWARE in my kitchen , it has the best anodized cookware , as compared to other brands which i have tried (which are pathetic) ,