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Moving from the traditional to the unconventional, we work towards transforming the cooking appliance industry. Constantly innovating and upgrading we meet the needs of changing lifestyles. We provide cooking appliances that strike the right balance between easy to use, being ‘tuff’ and stylish.

With an aim to bring the ‘tuff’ back into cooking appliances along with keeping it stylish, we have been the core manufacturer of a wide array of hard anodized cookware products, pressure cookers and non-stick cookware, under an aptly chosen brand name – “Tuffware”.

Established in the year 2004, we have a state-of-art manufacturing facility, which not only is able to meet the global customer requirements, but is also a base where we continuously innovate and transform the cooking appliance industry. The base of our customer extends across the globe and we only intend to expand it further.


Diversity lies not only in food, but also in the way it is cooked and served! As a company, we have the pleasure to serve different traditions across various states and countries. We do not just deal in cooking appliances; we bring happiness to the faces of our customers when they consume the food they made in our appliances. We build relations and take it on ourselves to provide them with the best culinary experience.

Our mission is:

“To provide the best cooking experience by delivering superior quality products and services, to build relations and to ensure that our customers across the globe get served top-notch dishes.”

When designing and manufacturing our products, we have only one goal in mind: To achieve complete customer satisfaction. We, as a brand, are determined to serve this purpose. Thus, every single person who works with us, works to ensure that each of our customer’s have the best cooking experience each day.


Constantly changing lifestyles call for new dishes, new cuisines, new methodologies of cooking and thus, new and improved appliances! The cooking appliance industry has evolved over the years to become what it is today. We, at Star appliances, adapt to these changing times. We believe in continuous innovation to ensure that we never fail to deliver what exactly will fulfill our customer’s needs.

Committed to provide superior quality products, we are certified manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a plethora of products such as:

• Hard Anodized Cookware
• Non-Stick Cookware
• Hard Anodized Pressure Cookers
• Aluminum Pressure Cookers
• Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Our customers believe in us for we provide them with products that have unique features such as stick resistance, low fuel consumption, impact resistance, low maintenance and durability, and safety factors, which are the need of the hour today.

Our aim is to make lives simpler, better and more efficient, to make cooking a pleasurable and relaxing activity.